Rebel Soul, by J.C. Hannigan

Book Cover: Rebel Soul, by J.C. Hannigan
Part of the Rebel Series series:
  • Rebel Soul, by J.C. Hannigan

Tessa Armstrong has one more summer at home before heading off to college with her best friend. She’s been counting down the months, waiting to be free of her overbearing brothers and overprotective father — not to mention getting out of the small, suffocating town she’s grown up in. The one thing Tessa doesn't count on is falling in love, least of all with Brock Miller. He’s the kind of boy her father has always warned her about. He’s older, mysterious, and a little dangerous. Brock has had a hard past, and the whole town not only knows it, but won’t let him forget. Brock has come back to take care of his ailing mother and struggling younger siblings. He doesn’t have time to fall in love, especially with one of the town’s darlings, but sometimes, love comes fast and fierce. Can Tessa and Brock find a way to each other despite their pasts and the obstacles their families present?

Published: June 1, 2016
Reviews:Molli Moran wrote:

Rebel Soul is another swoon-worthy, emotional home run for J.C. Hannigan. Filled with heartwarming themes of love, family, and friendship, this redemption story is romance at its best.