How to Self-Publish Your Book to Smashwords

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 10.19.39 PMSmashwords, personally, is my least favorite retailer/dashboard, for various reasons—so I thought I’d do a little walkthrough, podcast-style, for my peeps at The Book Lounge!

Once again, this is another of those “I’ll come back in later and type out instructions” (gotta save my wrists where I can, which are aching pretty badly tonight and I still need to do some actual writing). Thanks for putting up with my ultra-tired, overworked babbling. 😉

Show Notes:

This tutorial walks you through:

  • step-by-step instructions to publish an ebook on Smashwords
  • how to assign a free ISBN to your Smashwords ebook
  • how to opt in or out of “channels” (AKA retailers)
  • creating a series on Smashwords



Do make sure that, if you choose to distribute to libraries, you go into Dashboard > Pricing Manager to set the price for libraries

Also, if you are writing under multiple pen names, see this help article.

And a correction: Smashwords does not accept .rtf files.

Shout out to Chelsea Barnes for teaching me all about the benefits of getting your ebook into Overdrive!

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