Sign Up for the 2017 Maietta Ink Valentine’s Day Cross-Promo + Giveaway!

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We at Maietta Ink are preparing to run a Valentine’s Day cross-promotion for indie authors! This is a fun opportunity to sell some books, grow your email list, and gain some new readers.

Entry Deadline: 6 p.m. EST on January 20th, 2017
Entry Fee: $5 per author

Entry fee covers the contest prize—an assorted flavors Lindt gourmet chocolate truffles gift box—as well as advertising and labor.

The promotion will run February 14-18th; the giveaway closes February 18th at 8 p.m. EST.

We have 25 spots available, so please submit your strongest work! You may submit one title.

Your Responsibilities

  • Join the cross-promo email list. This is how we will contact you throughout the promotion. We’ll also notify you of future promotions!
  • RSVP to the Facebook event and invite your friends.
  • Make sure your book is discounted to $0.99 throughout the duration of the promotion (February 14-18th).
  • On the first day of the promotion, send an email notifying your list and link to the landing page.
  • On the second day of the promotion, write a blog post and link to the landing page.
  • On the third day of the promotion, notify your Facebook fans and link to the landing page.
  • On the fourth day of the promotion, notify your Twitter followers and link to the landing page.
  • On the fifth day of the promotion, notify your Instagram followers and link to the landing page.
  • If your book is on Smashwords, please generate a coupon code for the promotion—that way you can track those sales.

We Provide

  • A landing page with all participating titles’ covers, blurbs, and links to each retailer.
  • Landing page view statistics.
  • Amazon and iBooks sales tracking through affiliate links.
  • Graphics for email list, social media, and blogging.
  • Prize and shipping to the winner.
  • Boosted Facebook and Instagram posts throughout the promotion.
  • Facebook event page.
  • Email collection by genre; at the end of the promotion, we will send you a genre-appropriate list of contest entrants’ emails.

Entry Requirements

  • Your book must be $0.99 throughout the duration of the promotion.
  • Your book must be Romance; all sub- and cross-genres are accepted, as long as the primary genre is Romance. Erotic and LGBT+ romance welcome!
  • Your book must be professionally edited, have an enticing blurb, and have a professional and genre-appropriate cover.
  • Books must be full-length novels (or a series box set). Added 12/28 to clarify.
  • Upon acceptance, you must remit the $5 entry fee via PayPal, or risk losing your spot. All authors will be notified of acceptance or rejection on or by January 22nd.

Sign Up

SUBMISSIONS ARE NOW CLOSED! Thank you to everyone who submitted. We are reviewing submissions and will be in touch soon.

Pre-Launch Inventory: Just One More Minute

via Unsplash
via Unsplash

I’m trying to get better about tracking things before and after new releases, so here’s a wrap-up of all my numbers before Just One More Minute comes out on November 18th.

Marketing Plan

My marketing plan this time is a bit simpler, since my budget is a lot smaller than usual (translation: non-existent). Plus, since this book is a standalone, I don’t expect as many sales as I would, say, with a South of Forever release. So basically I’m doing the same things I usually do:

  • cover reveal piece by piece on Instagram
  • early cover reveal for my email list
  • public cover reveal and pre-order
  • $0.99 pre-order, with price going up to $2.99 on release day
  • early five-chapter excerpt for my email list
  • posting the first five chapters on my blog and on Wattpad
  • writing topic-related posts on my blog
  • ARCs for email list and giveaway winners from past takeovers

When I can, I’ll do a NetGalley to boost reviews, and eventually I’ll run another $0.99 promo and advertise it everywhere possible.

I’m also doing a Facebook release party, with a couple caveats. The more I do these things, the harder it is to get people to attend. It’s helpful when I have other authors book takeover slots, but often I’m finding that their readers only stick around for their slot. This time around, I’ve had a hard time getting people to RSVP, and I haven’t filled many takeover slots. To be honest, I’ve had a lot going on in my personal life, so it hasn’t been a priority. So I’m considering canceling it or just doing something small, like a live reading on the event page.

We’ll see.

Social Media

Currently, my social media numbers are as follows:

I’m more active in my RRA reader group; I co-run it with three other authors, so there’s less workload for me there. But I do post a lot of early treats for my BBs—just sporadically.

I’ve slowed down a lot on Wattpad, but I’ll be more active there once I start posting the chapters. The books and excerpts I do have up there continue to get steady traffic, reads, votes, and comments without me doing a thing. It’s pretty exciting, though I’m still trying to convert those readers to reviewers. I’ve sent announcements to my followers asking people to post reviews on Amazon, and I’ve also offered to gift people ARCs. I think, with this book, I’ll start adding information about ARCs at the beginning and end of each chapter; maybe people just aren’t seeing the announcements.

With this release, I’m doing something a bit different. At the end of the book, I added a CTA for readers to join a Just One More Minute-specific email list in order to get a bonus short story occurring one year after the book ends. My plan is to use it to funnel those readers into my other books. This is what I hope will be a great alternative for automated emails, since I don’t currently have the budget for that.


Right now, I have eight pre-orders on Amazon. I can’t track pre-orders on the other sites, so I have no idea what those numbers look like. But I’m really happy about the eight, considering it’s a standalone and my market is pretty competitive. Plus, realistically, I’m still a small fry—even with 10 books out.

The Gist

I’m pretty content with where things are. Sure, I’d like bestsellerdom—but I’m not quite in a position to achieve that yet. And I’d definitely love to reach 1,000 page likes on Facebook and 5,000 followers on Twitter, but I’m focusing more on just writing and releasing. I don’t expect this book to make a lot of money, but I did enjoy writing it. My goal is to sell 100 copies in its first month, so it’ll be interesting to see if I can do it with the tools I’ve got.

I’ll report back at the end of November, after the book releases.

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