Post-Launch Inventory: Just One More Minute

Just a little over two weeks ago, I released my 10th novel, Just One More Minute. It’s a contemporary NA small town bakery romance, and it’s my first ever written-to-market novel. By “written-to-market,” I mean I intentionally wrote it using romance tropes, or themes, rather than letting my creativity run wild and using tropes by accident. For example, some of the tropes I wrote with were “enemies to lovers” and “second chance.”

I also looked at bakery romances. They’re fun and lighthearted; I was challenged by my therapist to write something on the lighter side back when I was in PTSD recovery. However, I am who I am, and needed to include my own flavor: gritty, steamy romances led by strong belles, focusing on social issues. I baked all of those things into Just One More Minute, but kept it lighthearted, which made it a lot of fun to write and a lot easier to market. It’s also making me a lot more money than my most recent releases have—and more money is always a good thing, since that means I can pay my bills and write more books.

Since I’m trying to get better at comparing the state of my business before and after each book launch, I’d like to dive into what I learned from Just One More Minute. If you’d like to follow along, here are my pre-launch numbers.

The Cover Reveal

The cover reveal I did on Instagram went really well! For some reason, I didn’t note how many followers I had before the cover reveal 🙄, but I now have 375 followers on Instagram. I do know I gained quite a few with every piece of the cover I posted. Using relevant hashtags—like #bookstagram and #bibliophile, for example—really helped me reach a new audience. It also drew in some weird bot accounts. 😂

My followers really seemed to like the piece-by-piece reveal, and new-to-me readers thought it was cool, too. The beard piece got the most likes! 😍 Mind you, before I started this particular cover reveal, my average likes were maybe 10 per post. Now I’m averaging 20-50 likes per post; I’ve also been trying to post several times a week, to keep that momentum going. Even now that I’m technically unplugged, I’m still posting to Instagram—I’m just not checking notifications.

A note on the cover: A few days before release, I noticed that the title on the original design was really hard to see at thumbnail size. My designer couldn’t fix it right away, so I launched with the original cover. However, I ran some ads the week after release—which are basically thumbnail-size covers in newsletters like Bookbub—and those ads failed epically. I suspect it was because the title was hard to read, and customers just passed it by while scrolling through their email.

However, sales from Amazon, iBooks, Kobo, etc are doing great, because their thumbnail size is a bit bigger. I’ve since redesigned the cover to make the title pop more.

I still love the original design—it’s so glow-y and swoon-y—but the typography was just way too light. I ended up dusting off my dinosaur Gateway—which still has Photoshop CS4 on it—and cleaning it out—viruses galore!—to redo the cover from scratch. I couldn’t find the fonts my designer used, and she was unavailable, so I had to make due. I think it came out okay. Not great, but okay. And now the title really stands out!

I was, however, successfully able to repeat the glowy overlay. It’s not exact, but it’s close. I did it with the gradient tool in multiple layers, with multiple colors at different opacities. I still don’t love the new look, but I had to be done with it and move forward.

I just want to stress here that I noticed the thumbnail issue super late in the game and life threw some curveballs at my poor designer. Ordinarily the fix could’ve waited, but with ads running and the price about to go back up, I had to do something myself—nothing personal.

On the bright side, this got me out of design retirement! I’ve been working on some other cover redesigns that I can’t wait to share. 😊

Getting back on track, during my piece-by-piece reveal, I collected email addresses to send a five-chapter preview to. The pre-order went live on October 31st with the final piece, and I emailed my list that preview.

I got 11 pre-orders on Amazon and 1 on iBooks; I don’t know about the other retailers because they don’t display pre-orders separately. It wasn’t my best pre-order run (which was 36), but it also wasn’t my worst (which was 0)! I suspect if I’d done a longer pre-order (I only did 18 days), it would’ve beat out my best (which was a three-month run).

Sales Numbers

I’m slightly nervous to share these numbers. I’m still relatively unknown even after five years, so try not to judge me too harshly. So far, Just One More Minute is my second best-selling book in its first month.

A note on pricing: Originally, when I did the $0.99 pre-order, my plan was to bring the price back up to $2.99 on release day. Mostly because I didn’t have the budget to run ads for a sale. But thanks to my GoFundMe—which is really helping me get caught up on bills—I had a bit extra. I thought of that old parable.

Give a man a fish, and you’ll feed him for a day. Teach him to fish, and you’ll feed him for life.

never thought I’d be quoting the bible to help me with my business, but it’s true. I figured I could set aside $20-40 and run some ads with smaller newsletters (I so can’t swing a Bookbub right now), which would help me make more money in the long run. I’m still an unknown author, and I have an autoimmune disease that is, quite frankly, kicking my ass and preventing me from working a normal job. So in this position, I have to be agile and smart. Which isn’t always easy, because the brain fog struggle is real. Chronic illness jokes! 😂

Dark humor aside, I thought I’d use some bill money to try and make more money, and extended my $0.99 promo to two weeks after release. The ads didn’t work out (see my cover notes above). Thankfully I only spent about $20 on ads. I ran them on Monday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving, so the proximity of the holiday could’ve had an effect on them, too.

Fortunately, the book is selling really well on its own on iBooks and Amazon. On Kobo, it’s doing moderately well. And it’s moving, albeit slowly, on the other retailers. Without further ado (and mind you, this is in its first two weeks, on sale, so please be gentle and don’t judge me too harshly)…

  • iBooks: 33
  • Amazon: 31
  • Kobo: 11
  • Google Play: 7
  • Smashwords: 3
  • Draft2Digital/Nook: 2

A note on Nook: Oh Nook, why you gotta do me wrong… Unfortunately, something is glitched out on their end and I haven’t been able to reliably get into my NookPress account for months. I’ve been in touch with support multiple times and the issue doesn’t seem to be being resolved, which is a shame. Honestly, at this point, the second I can log in again, I’m yanking all my titles and re-publishing them through Draft2Digital, because this has sucked up a lot of time and caused me a lot of headache. Not to mention I’ve started my annual end-of-year inventory and can’t touch a single title I’ve published through NookPress… 😱

I’ve since bumped the price up to $3.99. Now, originally I’d planned on making $2.99 my regular price. However, after doing a lot of thinking, talking with other indies on Kboards, and market research, I’ve determined that the majority of books in the NA category are priced $3.99 and above across all retailers. This is a bit of a test balloon, and I’m a little worried that it’ll bring my good sales to a screeching halt, but I really need to start making money again so I can feed myself, my husband, and our overlord the cat. She’s a tyrant, I tell you.

Five-chapter Preview (Newsletter, Blog, Wattpad)

I did an early cover reveal for my email list and Facebook reader group a few days before posting the final piece on Instagram. I also sent my email list a five-chapter preview before anyone else got it. After that, I posted all five chapters on Wattpad in one shot, then scheduled weekly chapters to post to my blog. My goal here was to drive pre-orders. And obviously it worked—but I should’ve done a longer pre-order period.

Here are some Wattpad numbers…

  • Followers Before Launch: 206
  • Followers After Launch: 238
  • Total JOMM Reads: 61
  • Total JOMM Votes: 9

This isn’t quite what I’d hoped for, but my bar was set pretty high in the wake of the roaring success of Sandpaper Fidelity (which has over 75,000 reads and 2,100 votes to date). However, Wattpad is a fickle beast. For one, it’s hard to gain traction on works that are only excerpts. Wattpad readers love full-length works. Also, Wattpad will only promote full-length works. Still, my bar on excerpts was pretty high too, since The Nanny with the Skull Tattoos has over 13,900 reads and 250 votes to date. I’m hoping that, given some time, JOMM will see similar success. That said, TNWTST is a force of nature on its own: it still moves on retailers (albeit much more slowly now, almost a year after release), people either really love it or really hate it, and it consistently draws in eyeballs. It’s my breakout hit, my best-selling title. It’s what put me on the part-time earnings map when it released ($500/month)—a place I’d really like to get back to!


I have to admit, I’ve really slacked on this. My intention was to post topic-related blogs—posts about depression, grief, etc—leading up to and for a short time after release, to draw in an audience. They’re things I write about anyway. I also wanted to write more specific posts, like my experience as a culinary student at a tech school and how that influenced this book. But time, health, and life haven’t been on my side, so this piece of my marketing plan got lost in the mix.

Advanced Review Copies

This is another area I failed miserably in. I contacted 11 book bloggers about an excerpt and ARC (if they wanted it), but I think I reached out too close to release. I also contacted 15 readers about ARCs. Some had won them during Facebook takeovers I did, and others won them from giveaways in one of my two reader groups (Barone’s Belles and Romance Readers Anonymous). In the past, for TNWTST, I reached out to everyone I knew and asked if they wanted an ARC in exchange for a review; this time, I didn’t have quite enough time. Only a handful of readers responded. So far, JOMM has four reviews on Amazon, with a 4.5 average rating. I’ll be doing a major review push in December with incentives.

I screwed a few things up, unfortunately.

I should have kept in touch with the winners from various takeovers; months later, they probably didn’t remember who the heck I was and simply deleted my email about their ARC.

I also dropped the ball and forgot to send the packet to one of the two bloggers who did sign up for my excerpt!

I’m extremely upset with myself. This is part of the reason why I’m taking a break from social media. I’ve just got way too much on my plate, and I’m forgetting important things. Brain fog aside, I think I’m simply overloaded.

Lesson learned.

Release Party

Speaking of overload, my personal life has been a marathon of family emergencies: my sweet great-grandmother passed away, my great-aunt had a severe stroke, and then another family member had an emergency I can’t discuss on the afternoon of my Facebook release party.

I’d dropped the ball on promoting the party—which is another thing I’m bummed about—and then canceled it last-minute in order to be there for my family. My readers, thankfully, were so understanding and sweet. That took off a lot of pressure. But I’d been looking forward to it! Admittedly, I had thought about canceling it, but decided to do it anyway. I always enjoy those parties, even though they can be a lot of work to organize and pull off. That reader interaction is so important to me, and fun! But my work wife J.C. Hannigan saved the day and threw a giveaway that evening while I was stress-cleaning my house waiting for news.

I know I absolutely made the right decision—I was essentially on standby and didn’t want to end up having to leave midway through the party—but it’s just another example of how even the most organized marketing plans can go off the rails.

For my next book, I’d like to A) give myself more time to execute things and B) come up with some backup plans in case of life being life-y. And dear dog, life likes to throw curveballs at me. At least I’m really good at bouncing back. 🙃

Social Media

This time, I’ll make sure I include my Instagram numbers. 😂

  • Newsletter: 252 to 267
  • Twitter: 1,428 to 1,464
  • Facebook: 511 to 528
  • Instagram: ??? to 275
  • Barone’s Belles reader group: 93 to 96
  • Romance Readers Anonymous reader group: 135 to 153
  • Wattpad: 206 to 238

Not bad at all. I’d really like to get Facebook, Instagram, and Wattpad into the 1000s, but I can’t complain considering I don’t put a whole lot of effort into growing them. I’m a little concerned as to how Twitter, etc will fare while I’m unplugged, but I can’t let that strong-arm me back into a social media frenzy.

I desperately need to get caught up on my production schedule and get inventory done for 2017 so that I can start the new year off strong (and finally get back into that part-time earnings bracket). I’ll be writing up a whole other post on that very soon, because while I don’t think many people read this blog, I think it’s helpful information for other indies and I tend to see business-y things more clearly after explaining them to others. So it’ll be extra helpful for me!

The Gist

All told, I think this was a pretty successful launch. I’m curious to see how JOMM does with the new cover and $3.99 price point. I also need to play with keywords over on Amazon, now that it’s been live for a couple weeks. (Speaking of pricing, I’ll be raising all of my novels to $3.99. More on that in my upcoming “Preparing for 2017” post!)

I’ve been slowly working on formatting JOMM for print on demand. It’s horribly tedious, since I’m doing it in Pages (which requires a lot of workarounds), but it’s getting there.

After two hours of formatting...
After two hours of formatting…

Since this screenshot, I’ve added the alternating author and title headers. Those and page numbers I have to do by hand with text boxes, since the newer Pages is a hot mess and doesn’t allow much customization for headers and footers. I haven’t even started on widows, orphans, and all that craziness. But I did start, and it’s going better than I expected. Just slow! It’s also not my priority, so I don’t have a paperback release date (yet). However, one of my goals for 2017 is to get all of my books back into print. I’m determined! I want to do signings and readings and festivals again.

All right, I think that’s enough burbling.

If you’ve read all 2,700+ words of this, thanks for sticking with me! I hope it was helpful.

Launch Plan Inventory: Wattpad (June 2016)

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 5.58.52 PMFor the release of What Happens on Tour (South of Forever, Book 3), I wanted to go hard with Wattpad. Not only have I been posting chapters from Diving Into Him (SOF1) twice a week, but I also have several other works available.

Wattpad has an incredibly large audience that loves to read. And the readers there are dedicated. They will gladly comment on and vote on stories they love. I think Wattpad is a fantastic way to test a concept or to beta a novel. It’s also a great way to bring new readers to a series—whether it’s already selling well or mostly unknown.

Check out author Lindsay Buroker’s posts on leveraging Wattpad:

I’m a little bummed that I didn’t record stats from all of my Wattpad books when I posted my launch plan for SOF3. Things are going really well, though, so I figured I’d do so now, that way I can compare in July, August, and onward.

Right now I have six books on Wattpad. Most of them are excerpts, but Sandpaper Fidelity is available in its entirety. Diving Into Him will be, too.

I’ve had my Wattpad account for a while, but haven’t done much with it before. As of today, I have 85 followers. However, none of my books include a call to action (CTA) to follow me. I’ve rectified that.

Here are the numbers (and some notes) for each book.

Sandpaper Fidelity
Length: Complete
Currently featured in ChickLit
Reads: 17K
Votes: 606
Comments: 15

The feedback so far is very good. People really like this book, even though it’s super hard to market because it doesn’t really fit into any particular genre. This was my soap opera-esque serial that I published in bite size pieces back in 2012.

The Nanny with the Skull Tattoos
Length: Excerpt (5 chapters)
Reads: 4.5K
Votes: 80
Comments: 4

Because it’s not the full novel, it likely won’t get featured, so I didn’t even bother submitting. Still, it does pretty well organically—similar to the complete book’s sales across Kindle, iBooks, etc.

Diving Into Him (South of Forever, Book 1)
Length: In progress
Reads: 75
Votes: 0
Comments: 0

I’m posting a new chapter every Tuesday and Thursday, until the entire book is on Wattpad. Then I’ll submit it to be featured in the Romance category.

Savannah’s Song (South of Forever, Book 2)
Length: Excerpt (5 chapters)
Reads: 70
Votes: 0
Comments: 0

I don’t have any plans to post the whole book, so it probably won’t get much attention until Diving Into Him is complete.

Playing for You
Length: Excerpt (5 chapters)
Reads: 34
Votes: 0
Comments: 0

This one is floundering, but it’s an older book. It’s sort of a sequel to the South of Forever series; originally it was a series of six novelettes, but I combined them all into one book to market more easily. It’s not really a romance in the traditional sense, though it is a love story. It’s kind of hard to market and I’m thinking of eventually just branding it as an SOF sequel. Currently the full book is free for Kindle Unlimited readers.

Becoming Natalie
Length: Excerpt (7 chapters)
Reads: 58
Votes: 0
Comments: 0

This is another one that initially was a series of shorter books. It was a trilogy of novellas. To make things easier on myself, I combined the three into one standalone. Honestly, I’ve been wondering if this was really a smart move. My concern is, if I go back to separate books, it might confuse people. So it’s basically been relegated to a dark corner of my backlist. It’s ChickLit and pairs really well with a day on the beach. Eventually I may do something with it, to get it more eyeballs in general. Right now, the excerpt on Wattpad is the seven chapters from the first novella.

By far, Sandpaper Fidelity is my most successful. It’s on the dark and gritty side, so I’m surprised that it’s doing so well in ChickLit. But I have no complaints! People really seem to like it, and I’m leveraging it to grow my readership.

I’m sure I’m not using Wattpad to its maximum potential, but I think I’m doing all right!

Do you use Wattpad? Comment and tell me what you’re doing!

Marketing Plan for South of Forever, Book 3!

via Unsplash
via Unsplash

For better or worse, this is my battle plan.

Now that I’m settled post-publisher—all of my books with the small press are back on the digital market, with paperbacks coming soon*—I’ve turned my focus to preparing for my next release.

Onward, right?

Since two of the books that were reverted to me were published right before the close, they got zero marketing attention. My book manager and I had a pretty solid plan, but the publisher announced they wouldn’t be offering any of their usual support in their last month of business. Book 1 was a re-release and Book 2 was a brand new release. Book 1 was originally published last summer, with a pared down version of the marketing plan below. Book 2 kind of just slid into the world with no fanfare (except for a release party I went through with on Facebook, in spite of the bad news).

I decided to focus my time and budget on re-releasing all four books, which is why Book 2 of my series got pretty much no marketing attention. I’ve been doing my usual weekly teasers, and have samples available on Wattpad (with samples trickling to my author blog starting next week). I also did a promo where, through June 1st, if anyone purchased Book 1 or 2 and sent me their receipt, I sent them the standalone that spun off the series.

My dashboard with the publisher’s sales reports was down all May, so aside from the three emailed receipts I received, I have no idea how well the book did. It’s back on the market now, but I’ve got crickets as far as sales go.

Which is totally okay, because I’m pulling out all the stops for Book 3. Continue reading “Marketing Plan for South of Forever, Book 3!”