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A Fatal Prospect | River Reapers MC Series | Book 3 | Signed Paperback Edition

A Fatal Prospect | River Reapers MC Series | Book 3 | Signed Paperback Edition

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Olivia and Cliff survived a lifetime in the foster and prison system each, abandonment by family and friends, and most recently, a few bodies to “take to the river” with the help of their biker club. As the dust settles, now is finally the time for Cliff to convince Olivia to take the next step in their very offbeat romance. They were meant to be—he’s certain of it, but after everything she’s been through, Olivia is afraid to commit. Before he has a chance to tell her what’s on his mind and heart, war threatens to tear both them and the club apart.

When a teen football player is brutally violated, only Olivia, Cliff, and the River Reapers MC can avenge him. Now that Olivia’s a licensed social worker, she’s determined to get justice through the proper channels. The club’s running out of places to hide all her bodies, anyway. When the system is stacked against victims, making a bunch of high school athletes pay for their crimes proves trickier than anything Olivia’s ever done. Especially when a rival motorcycle club from the past is out for revenge and closing in.

The club is the family Olivia and Cliff both longed for their whole lives, but even families have rats. When someone betrays them, they’ll pay in both blood and love...

A Fatal Prospect is a slow burn, touch her and die, dark romance, and the third book in the River Reapers MC series.

** Signed Paperback Edition **

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